Welcome to JUSTWOOD Watches

Australia’s Premium Range of Affordable Wooden Watches!

We don’t think of a watch as just a tool to tell time, we think of watches as an extension of someone’s style, a sign of sophistication or an insight into one’s personality.

That’s why we specialise in quality wood watches that look great, feel comfortable and that retain that timeless, classic appeal that is often easily overlooked as technology and ‘smart watches’ evolve into existence and the masses rush out to buy the ‘latest craze’.

C’mon, watches made from plastic? Aren’t you better than that?

Welcome to the alternative!

Our Wooden Watches are for those who want to step away from the ‘common’ watches that everyone else owns and who are after something special, something different and something that’s going to turn heads. 

What sets JUSTWOOD Watches apart from other Wooden Watch brands is that our watches are made from genuine, reclaimed timber with consideration for our environment and a focus on sustability. We care more about quality and finish of our watches rather than the bottom line. So although you may find cheaper wood watches available you can be assured that our genuine wood watches are the ‘real deal’ and the quality components and stunning craftsmanship will meet your expectations. in fact, we make that our priority.

We operate 100% online and our studio is based in Brisbane, QLD.

We sell our wooden watches direct to customers all over the world and regularly send watches to our stockists in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and some parts of Europe. People love our watches, and that is something we are very proud of.

All our wooden watches undergo a quality assurance check and are personally packaged by us right here in Australia, before being carefully sent out as quickly as possible.

We are REAL people with a REAL passion, we simply just love what we do!