Welcome to JUSTWOOD Watches, where a timepiece is more than just a timekeeping tool. We view watches as an expression of individual style, a symbol of refinement, and a glimpse into one’s personality.

Our focus:

Our focus is on crafting exceptional wooden watches that embody a timeless, classic allure amidst the technological wave of ‘smart watches’ flooding the market whilst trying to do our part for the environment by using sustainable materials. Plastic watches? We believe you deserve better.

Why choose us?

Step into the extraordinary world of our Wooden Watches, designed for those seeking distinction and uniqueness, steering away from the commonplace ‘norm’. We aim to captivate and make heads turn with our designs.

What distinguishes JUSTWOOD Watches from other wooden watch brands is our commitment to using genuine, reclaimed timber, prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our emphasis lies in impeccable quality and craftsmanship, prioritizing these over profits. While you may find cheaper alternatives, our genuine wood watches stand as a testament to authenticity, ensuring they meet and exceed your expectations.

Australian owned & operated:

Operating exclusively online, our studio is based in Brisbane, QLD. We proudly ship our wooden watches directly to customers worldwide and supply to our esteemed stockists in New Zealand, USA, UK and Canada. The love our watches receive fills us with immense pride.

We use quality quartz Japanese movements (either Miyota or Seiko) in all our watches which are known for their reliability and accuracy. The timber used is sourced globally and all final assembly, testing and quality control is performed right here in Brisbane.

Thank you for choosing www.justwood.com.au