Some helpful tips when caring for your wooden watch

If you have made the excellent choice of purchasing a wooden watch, first off – congratulations. A wooden watch is more than just a device to tell time. They are a fashion element, a statement piece and a guaranteed conversation starter.

Unlike your generic stainless steel, plastic style of wrist watch your Wooden Watch needs (and deserves) a certain level of care. Proper care and maintenance are two important factors for a long lasting, great looking timepiece.

Wood Watches are designed to be considered as casual watches, also referred to as dress watches or fashion watches – this simply means that they can be worn for nearly any occasion both business and pleasure. Going to a wedding? Out to dinner? Job interview? Need to dress to impress? – Exert your sophistication and style with a wooden watch…. That’s why you bought it right?

But, there are reasonable limitations as to when your Wood Watch may not be an appropriate choice to wear. Going swimming? Performing extreme manual labour around the house? Playing intense sports? On a construction site?

It is important to be aware that your wooden watch is made from natural materials – wood (the stuff that grows on trees). Master craftsmen have carefully created your wood watch using various methods and techniques – and it would be a shame to ruin the look of it by reckless or accidental damage.


It would be wise advice to acknowledge some simple precautions to ensure that you are a responsible wood watch owner:

  • Be careful not to wear your wood watch when performing manual labour tasks, high impact sports or where your watch may be vulnerable to being struck or damaged.
  • Wood Watches are NOT designed to be waterproof. Wood Watches are however fine for everyday wear, washing hands, getting caught in the rain, getting splashed…… just not for swimming, diving, submerging your arm in a bucket of water….. We also advise that you remove your watch before showering as a precaution.
  • Remove watch before going to bed – It’s simple advice really, the wood bands have links that can be caught on the sheets or blankets. It would be a shame to have your beautiful watch damaged.

CLEANING YOUR WATCH: Periodically wipe your wood watch with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth. Use a cotton bud or corner of a chamois to clean the grooves of the watch dial, in between the wood links, around the buckle/clasp and around where the band joins the case. DO NOT use chemical cleaners, bleaches or citrus based cleaning solutions.

WATCH BAND ADJUSTMENT: Watch band adjustments are relatively easy to do – however if you are not 100% confident of performing this task- seek assistance from a qualified watchmaker, jeweller or repair agent. It is important that your watch band is adjusted to suit your wrist. Too loose or too tight and the band may become vulnerable to damage.

REPLACING THE BATTERY: Battery Replacement is required every 8 – 15 months. Replacement of the battery should be done be a qualified watchmaker or jeweller. We do not advise you to do it yourself as there is a specific order and process to removing the back, the crown and the internal to access the battery section. ONLY use a reputable brand battery of the same type and size.

NEVER LEND YOUR WOOD WATCH TO ANYONE: You are guaranteed to get a lot of attention, a lot of questions and a lot of interest in your wood watch. Its important that you resist lending it to anyone. You may not get it back… instead, give them this website so they can buy their own.

WARRANTY: JUSTWOOD watches come with a 12 month limited warranty.