Graduation Gifts – Celebrate Success with a Special Watch

graduation gifts

A Graduation is typically a culmination of years and years of hard work resulting in a celebratory occasion to mark the end of one journey and to welcome the next.

 A graduation of any nature is deserved of a special gift given to the graduate to mark the occasion. But if a stuffed animal dressed in a graduation gown isn’t your idea of a special graduation gift (and we agree!), here are some considerations to get your creativity flowing.

Graduation gifts that celebrates adulthood

Of course your graduate may have been considered an adult for years, but as we’re living longer and more people are going to university, it’s taking longer for people to ‘step out into the world’ on their own. What better way to celebrate any graduation than acknowledging that your special graduate is an adult, ready to make their own way in the world? Think functional but unnecessary, like tie clips, or perhaps a watch. It can be a great conversation piece for them as they start interviewing for jobs with their new qualification.

Get them something they wouldn’t buy themselves

Let’s face it, for a lot of students the thing they need most is a holiday (and maybe a multivitamin!). Dedicating yourself to study usually means less time to work, and less money to spend on nice things, or even non-essentials. Why not treat them with a gift that they wouldn’t normally buy themselves, but would still appreciate? They might have a cheap tie pin or a twenty dollar watch already, but a do they have a nice quality watch that does more than just tell time? A watch helps define a person. They confirm style and class – like making a statement about ones self.

Make it unique and beautiful

What makes a conversation piece a conversation piece? Something unique and beautiful of course. Anyone can walk into a store and buy something with a brand they recognise, but finding unique or unusual gifts is a sure-fire way to brainstorm the perfect gift. Think about interesting ways you can combine practicality with of unconventional materials, like a wooden watch. By giving them something functional, non-essential and beautiful, you are letting them know you believe in them, you care about them, and you’re willing to put the time in to show it.

Add a special message to the back of your watch to truly personalise your thoughts and sense of pride. A wooden watch is a perfect graduation gift because it’s a gift that will last, a gift with practicality, a gift they will cherish and a gift that is a true symbol of hard work and new beginnings.

Whether it’s graduating High School, Year 12, completing a University Degree or even a successful promotion at work that has been deserved through a lot of blood, sweat and tears – Success is worth celebrating. Good luck to your new graduate!

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