Personalise that special gift with watch engraving

watch engraving


At JUSTWOOD Watches we understand that a lot of our customers are shopping for gifts, not just a watch. If they aren’t buying for themselves then they are buying a watch for someone special, But what makes a truly special gift?

Watch Engraving

A truly special gift is a gift measured not by price but by thought. The more ‘personal’ a gift is, the more its bound to be cherished, adored and loved for a very long time. When selecting a personal gift for someone, thought must be given as to the receivers needs, wants and desires but you as the ‘giver’ must also consider the connection you wish to have with the gift and the strengthening bond you want to create when the gift is given. An emotional journey abounds and a feeling of love and warmth and joy when seeing your special someone light up upon opening a gift from YOU. That feeling is priceless!

If the gift receiver can see that thought, time, effort and a personal touch has been made then they will instantly know that the gift has been given with ‘love’. A gift, often simply a token of love or appreciation is more  than a box of chocolates, a piece of jewellery or a gift card, it’s a gesture of a strengthening bond between 2 or more people -its important to make sure your true feelings and reason for giving the gift is known.

The 3  P’s of Gift Giving…

Now, apart from a watch being an excellent choice that meets the ‘Three P’s’ rule of a perfect gift (Personal, Practical, Priced well), a watch can easily be further personalised with custom engraving. A special message, a reminder of an anniversary, a quirky saying or simply ‘I Love You’ could be the very difference between ‘just another gift’ and a real WOW gift that’s designed to be held close, worn often, admired everyday and of course in still emotions of love and appreciation between you and them.

Truly Personal Gifts… Make your message clear

What sets our watches apart from many others is the handcrafted individuality of the natural materials. Wood is timeless, which is an ironic association for a device that’s sole purpose is to ‘keep time’ (but don’t worry our Japanese Miyota Movements will take care of that). Wood is often described as elegant, charming, warm and humble – just like the act of gift giving!

Every wood watch has it’s unique grain, colour and tones – just like human DNA, every watch is one of a kind. Team these special qualities with beautiful designs and you have a range of watches begging to be given as a gift. And most of our watches are perfect candidates for engraving. Just waiting for you to add your personal message on the back, so they can be worn by your loved one and cherished for years to come.

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