The Benefits of Wooden Watches

benefits of wooden watches

Wooden Watches

Wooden watches have a load of benefits and features that give the common metal and plastic watches a real run for their money. We list the top benefits of wooden watches below.

  • No two wooden watches are ever the same, nature itself prefers variety, so the wood grains in each and every watch are very different to one another. We like to compare it to human DNA.
  • These watches are made from real wood and wood, being a naturally occurring resource, they are extremely Eco-friendly, it helps us to maintain a connection to Mother Nature on us at all times.
  • Wood has a very low carbon footprint compared to the usual watchmaking materials such as plastics and metals and so using them can help the environment in a big way
  • Wood watches are extremely fashionable, and they have never really gone out of style, they are known for their uniqueness as well as for their excellent coolness factor, they are a great conversation starter and real head turners.
  • Wooden watches have a long traditional history to boast about because they have been around for quite some time; they can be quite a showpiece and can trigger nostalgic thoughts in us towards those old and simpler times.
  • The wooden-built watches lessen the occurrence of harmful reactions to metals on sensitive skin or on people with allergies. These watches are made out of specially treated woods and materials to help avoid any kind of hypo-allergic reactions.
  • Wood watches are lightweight in nature, the wood primarily used for watchmaking is bamboo and Sandalwood. Bamboo is one of the most sturdy and flexible natural material ever, so a watch crafted out of it will also share the same qualities. Sandalwood and other wood used such as Ebony wood and Zebra wood are also robust and perfect for watches.

We encourage customers to be cautious when buying watches online, there are plenty of cheap wooden watches out there that offer very limited quality. Be wary of them. It would be wise to go through their customer reviews first before making the jump.

JUSTWOOD Watches come with a rock-solid 12 month warranty. That’s peace of mind for those who are unsure or are new to wood watches and are skeptical about trying something new.