Top 8 Reasons Why You Need A Wooden Watch

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If you take a moment to look at our range of stunning wooden watches and you probably don’t need any extra reasons to click the ‘buy’ button and grab one for yourself. You will fall in love at first sight. But, for the purpose of persuading those who are sitting on the ‘wooden’ fence (careful of splinters), we thought we ‘wood’ (haha, get it?) compile a Top 8 List of why you NEED a Wooden Watch.

1.  Because they are cool!

If you love being a trendsetter, having nice things and love getting compliments then you NEED a wooden watchThey turn heads, start conversations and appeal to people who simply ‘know’ style.

2. Wooden Watches are made from only recycled or reclaimed wood!

It would be unfair to state that no trees were harmed in the making of our wooden watches, lets face it – they were. BUT, in the beginning the timber from these trees were used to manufacture many other useful items such as furniture and cabinets. The offcuts are sourced and turned into our watches- minimising waste! It’s also important to note that the trees used were grown in sustainable plantations for the purpose of manufacturing. Owning a wooden watch is completely guilt free!

3. Our wooden watches are hypoallergenic!

Quite a number of our customers buy a Wooden Watch from us because they cannot wear a standard watch due to a skin allergy or are prone to irritation caused from the silicon, leather, rubber or stainless steel components.  By purchasing a watch from us means you will be able wear a watch without worry of discomfort.

4. All JUSTWOOD Watches come in a trendy designed recycled gift box.

Keeping it real in the world of being eco-friendly, we use recycled paper and cardboard to make our gift boxes. Specially designed for our wooden watches and includes a hessian pillow to keep your watch safe. A perfect box to gift as a gift with something special inside.

5. All our wooden watches are made from 100% natural wood.

At JUSTWOOD Watches, we select the materials we use to ensure that the wood is completely natural and not harmful to the person who will end up wearing our watches.  All of the wood types we use are specifically tested to make sure they are suitable.  There may be some wooden watches on the market that do use wood material that either has not been appropriately tested or could potentially be harmful when worn in close contact with the skin, rest assured this is something you will not have to worry about with a JUSTWOOD watch

6. Wood. The traditional gift to give for a 5th Wedding Anniversary

About to clock-up 5 years of blissful marriage? Then you may soon be looking for an anniversary gift. Lucky for you, we have the answer which takes the guess work out and solves the problem of keeping to tradition. A wooden watch! Beautiful, elegant and can be easily engraved with a personal message.

7. Just like DNA and fingerprints; No two Wooden Watches are the same!

The unique grain of timber is as individual as a persons DNA or fingerprints. The grains define the timber, tell of its age, its story and its life…. When purchase a genuine wooden watch from Just Wood Products, you will know that there will not be any other watch on Earth with the exact same features and colouring as yours. It simply isn’t possible.

8. Because they are cool!

……oh. Hang on. I think I’ve already covered this one.   Needless to say, you get my point! They REALLY ARE COOL!

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