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Shopping for mens gifts can be quite difficult. Let’s face it men don’t always make it easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a partner, brother, father, family friend or work acquaintance finding that men’s gift that is going to be appreciated is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thank goodness for JUSTWOOD Watches!

Wooden watches make a much better alternative than the tried and tested (but ever so typical) tired old standby men’s gifts. Forget about bar accessories, tools, impersonal gift vouchers or the ever popular fall back of socks and jocks. When it comes to choosing a gift that shows that you care, you really can’t go past a men’s wooden watch. Choosing a gift that is stylish, unique and useful such as a JUSTWOOD Watch will remind the special man in your life that you think highly of him every time he chooses to wear it.

Our range of wooden watches make great mens gifts for men of all ages. Their rugged but stylish features are sure to appeal to all ages and there is a watch to suit every individual.

Wood is a natural renewable resource and as such wooden watches will appeal to those men who are concerned about the environment. Our watch manufacturer makes our watches from recycled wood, usually reclaimed timber from large furniture factories or is sourced from sustainable plantations. Wood watches make good sense environmentally compared to their metal cousins. The overall carbon impact upon the environment of creating wood watches is next to zero. This compares more than favourably with watches made from metal or plastic bands that use fossil fuels as a matter of course in their manufacture.

A large benefit associated with wooden watches is that they are heat resistant. As such, discomfort caused by metal watches after being exposed to warm sunlight is not an issue for the wearer. This is a great advantage for those men who spend a lot of time outdoors or exposed to sunlight. They’re sure to appreciate the year round comfort that a wood watch is going to give them

If you’re looking for a perfect men’s gift for a man who sees himself as an individual, you truly can’t go past one of our JUSTWOOD Watches/. Every piece of wood used in our watches is unique in itself and no wooden watch will be exactly the same as another. Just like human DNA, every woodgrain is special. Manufactured with modern precision these cool timepieces speak volumes about the wearer and make the perfect accessory for men from all walks of life. Young and bold, to mature and sophisticated and everyone in between.

Our men’s wooden watches are available in a range of styles. You can choose from a variety of quality wood including red sandalwood, ebony wood and zebra wood as well as bamboo watches.

Regardless of what style of wood watch you choose as a gift you can be sure to that the recipient will wear it proudly.

Make your next men’s gift choice a JUSTWOOD wooden watch.


One important addition to include here is that our Men’s are highly fashionable and suited for any attire, event or occasion, regardless of what may be trendy at the time. A watch to be given to him on a special day – for him to wear EVERYDAY.